Hungarian Philatelic Society

of Great Britain

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Next Auction 20th October 2018

at Mill Arts Centre, Banbury,Oxon. OX9 3DP


10.00  Auction material viewing

11.00  Display: Martin Weise, Lottery Stamps

12.15  Lunch Break

13.00  Auction Starts

15.30  Close


The Lot number .pdf files below will open in  new windows

Lots C5(1) Lots C5(2) Lots C6(1) Lots C6(2) Lots C6(3) Lots C6(4) Lots C6(5) Lots C6(6) Lots C9(1) Lots C9(2) Lots C9(3) Lots C13 Lots C15 Lots F33,34,35 Lots C17,18,19-D7,8 Lots D1 Lots D5,6 Lots D10 Lots D13 Lots D14 Lots D15(1) Lots D15(2) Lots E4 Lot F1,6,10 Lots F11,12 Lot F13,15,17 Lots F37,38-G1 Lots F21,22,23 Lot F25,26,28 Lot F29,31,32 Lots H10-M21,25