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For ease of viewing this page has been split into five as follows:

From 01.01.1927 to 12.02.1940 (Period A) there were five weight steps and five distance zones, and the rates were unchanged throughout this period.

On 13.02.1940, the number of weight steps was increased to eight, by the unusual expedient of creating a step for 5 – 6 kg, then

6 – 10 kg, for 10 – 11 kg, then 11 – 15 kg, and for 15 – 16 kg, then 16 – 20 kg. The number of distance zones was reduced to four (Period B). It is believed that this was to allow round-number weights of goods (e.g. 5 kg) to have 1 kg of packaging without charge for the next whole former weight step.

On 15.09.1941, the rates were again increased, and from 01.01.1942, a fifth distance zone, above 350 km, was specified to the enlarged wartime Hungary (Period C).

The rates were increased twice more, on 01.03.1943 (Period D) and 01.07.1943 (Period E).

Parcel postage only paid for carriage from post office to post office, and an extra fee was charged for home delivery.  One source says that delivery fees were charged if the office was over 5 km from the station.  However, the wording is very ambiguous, so it is rather dubious.  Very few items with home delivery pre-paid are found.

There were also fees for declared value, COD, express, bulky, fragile, etc., which are shown in the Tables.  All the rates given are in fillér or pengő.  An unusual category, filléres for parcels of fruit, that could be sent at half the normal rate, was also started initially seasonal, but from 13.02.1940,.

An unusual category of parcels with very low postage rates can be found, called ‘staff’ or ‘permit’ parcels. The parcels cards have a permit handstamped on the back, usually in green, which is officially authorised before the card can be used by the sender, and they are normally for the transit of foodstuffs. They are addressed specifically to postal workers, including retired staff, hence the name ‘staff’ parcels. The rates for these seem to have remained the same over the entire period at 10 f for up to 10 kg, and 20 f for 10-20kg.

Parcel 1927 to 39 Parcel 1939 to 41 Parcel 1941 to 43 Parcel 1943 Parcel 1943 to 44

Parcels, from 01.01.1927 until 01.09.1939  

Parcels, from 01.09.1939 until 14.09.1941

Parcels, from 15.09.1941 until 28.02.1943

Parcels, from 01.03.1943 to 30.06.1943

Parcels, from 01.07.1943 until 09.1944

Parcels,  Inland and foreign rates, 1927 to 1944

(from J Whiteside and K Endrödi, SoH 182, 184)